How do I make a reservation for renting a car?
Renting an online car will be done using the booking form available on our website. After completing the online procedures, the client will receive a message from the Reservation Department at the email address, with information on the availability of the selected car class. Reservations will only be confirmed for a car in a class, not for a particular type / model of that vehicle. The total cost of the rent will be charged to the rental agency because we DO NOT charge the advance payment. In order to complete the reservation, the client will confirm by email the rent made.
How can I change an online booking?
Reservation made if I did not receive confirmation email?
Can I extend the reservation period of my car?
Are there minimum rental conditions for a car?
Can I rent a car that I and a second person drive?
What documents do I have to present to the pick-up car center?
How do I pay the cost of the reservation and what are the additional costs?
How do I access the rented car and where should I be refunded at the end of the period?
What are the territorial limits you can not overcome at the wheel of a rented car?
Is there the possibility to refuse my chance to rent an Otopeni rent-a-car?
Why do I have to pay a deposit at the time of renting the car?
How much do I have to pay for the additional equipment that accompanies the rented car?
What are the costs that I pay if I delay the return of the rented car?
What are the conditions under which I have to rent my rented car?
What are the assurances that accompany the rented car in rent-a-car mode?
What are the damage covered by the car insurance?
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