Rent a car without credit card

When it comes to renting a car in the short term, customers always look for the same features for the service they choose: reliability, safety and balanced prices. At Rent-A-Car Otopeni, we are looking to fulfill all these conditions by offering our customers a diversified fleet of cars, which is made of reliable and reliable cars available at the most advantageous prices. Now we provide you with a new system where you can rent any car you want without having to worry if the rent company will need a credit card. 
You can now find the possibility of using the credit card rental system. Everything is done quite simply. The car is rented and the guarantee is physically retained, and will be returned back after the car is returned. Our car rental system with no credit card gives you the opportunity to rent any car you want, whether you own a credit card or not. Our company is closer to you, always offering quality conditions and innovative ideas to help you.